Looking for a Caterer? What You Need To Consider Before You Hire

There are several caterers, including Anoush Catering, in LA when you’re planning your wedding or event. Because you’re going to serve food to your guests, you want to work with a local caterer that has experience of multiple cuisines, styles/themes, and can produce exceptional taste and quality food, to your guests. Whether it’s a corporate banquet, a wedding reception, or any other event, Anoush Catering services, and the best catering professionals, will deliver what you’re looking for. So, what do you need to consider when hiring a caterer?

Styles/Menu Options

When you’re deciding on the theme and types of food to serve, you’ll want to know what the catering company can produce. The caterers you hire should provide

  • Sit down and banquet-style food service
  • Buffet lines or self-service lines
  • Plated dinner services
  • Hor d’oeuvres
  • Drink menus/bartenders
  • Children menus

Depending on how formal or informal the event is, the type of meals you’ll serve will differ. The caterers you work with should offer multiple styles for you to choose from.

Dietary Restrictions

You’ll want to work with a catering company that can accommodate specific dietary restrictions. If you choose plated dinner service but have one or two vegan guests, what will the chefs prepare? Or, if your guests have food allergies, you’ll want to make sure the caterers have a Kosher kitchen (or safe meal prep area), to ensure foods aren’t cross-contaminated. You mustn’t get these things wrong when serving food to guests. So, the caterers should understand restrictions and food allergies, before they begin putting the menu together.

The cost and Venue

You might be on a budget, if so, does the catering company offer specials? How about the venue, will they cater anywhere you’re hosting the wedding reception or an event banquet? Or, are you restricted to a certain region in LA when you’re looking for food service for the event? Make sure you work with caterers that can accommodate your needs. Remember, you’re paying for the service, and it’s your special day. Don’t compromise on things that are important to you when hiring a catering company.

You have many options in LA when hiring local caterers. Therefore, you should not settle on something you don’t want or services you aren’t happy with. Look for the right caterers and consider several local companies. You’ll be happy when you make the right decision, and you/your guests love the dishes you’re serving at the reception.