Why Use Car Shipping Services?

There are so many benefits of choosing our team at Unlimited Auto Transport when you need car shipping from point A to point B. But, why should you consider car shipping in the first place rather than doing the driving yourself? There are several reasons. When it comes to safety, guaranteeing the drive is done in a timely fashion, and making sure your car is going to arrive in one piece, this is only possible when you rely on a professional shipper. Not only do our shipping trolleys keep your car safe the entire trip, we will also shield and cover it to protect it from the elements on the road.

In addition to this, we offer

  1. Affordable shipping in a timely fashion
  2. Cross-state or out of state shipping
  3. We guarantee safety in lifting/hauling and delivery
  4. We ship to multiple customers at once, so we can deliver the car to you for a lower price 
  5. We will insure the shipment, and we protect your car so it is not damaged when we are driving
  6. We have the best drivers, who are bonded and insured, so we do not take any shortcuts along the way
  7. We guarantee a delivery window, so you know when your car is going to arrive

If you do not have the means to do a long-distance drive yourself, don’t take the chance. Make sure you rely on the best car shipping team to do the work for you. It is cheaper, and it is not going to place a major toll on the car. Additionally, you do not have to put several hundred or thousands of miles on the car. Therefore, you aren’t going to need to do major maintenance work when you arrive to your new home/city after the move. This alone is a great cost saving, and a major benefit of having your car shipped, instead of doing the driving yourself. 

You don’t have to worry about dangerous roadways, road rage, crazy drivers, or driving in an unfamiliar location for the first time. You have enough stress to deal with when you are moving to a new home. Why add one more if you do not have to? The easy solution is to have your car professionally shipped and delivered to your door. When the time comes to make the move, give us a call so we can quote you with a price for the move and shipping services that we offer.